Bikers’ Alley

This project started out as a wooden bread bin which was being sold off cheap from Woolworths!

I had acquired a 1/12th scale motorbike and two helmets from eBay auctions, and wanted to make a scene which would use these. I decided on a back alley leading to the garage where the bike is kept.

The two bikers were purchased from The Heritage Doll Company because they looked very modern, and the man in particular came with boots ready made – all they needed was painting.

I covered their spindly frames with some leather to make their biking gear, and dirtied up the alley a bit.


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Recreate The Look

  • Room box breadbin from Woolworths (!)
  • Motor bike bought from eBay
  • 2 motorcyle helmets bought from eBay
  • Brick paper, corrugated card offcuts from another project
  • Two dustbins from Cynosure Miniatures
  • Debbie the biker girl from Heritage Doll Company
  • Dave the biker boy from Heritage Doll Company, dressed by me

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