Vera Morepots’ Teapot Emporium

Vera Morepots is mad about Teapots. Here you can see her shop which sells them. I was inspired to start collecting teapots after seeing an article in a magazine about a mini Teapot Museum. And then I thought it would be nice to have somewhere to display them all.

Vera’s shelves are now pretty full, even though she has had an upper floor extention built, since she just can’t stop buying another lovely pot when she sees one.


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Recreate The Look

  • Shop box from Jack In The Box
  • Wall units from Dijon, unfinished wood, painted by me
  • Wallpaper from Goodies of Coggeshall
  • Burgundy carpet from Dolls House Emporium
  • Light (not yet fitted) from HattonWoods
  • Large copper tea urn from Goodies of Coggeshall
  • Ornate shop till from Maple Street
  • Trolley to stand till on from Dolls House Emporium, #5108
  • Revolving display stand a kit from McQueenies, built & painted by me
  • Vera Morepots by The Amber Giraffe, commissioned by me
  • Margaret, a customer from Maple Street
  • Teapots from various shops & fairs more information
  • Upper floor extension from The Dollshouse Builder, commissioned by me

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